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Determine your belt size.

Method 1.  Measure a belt you currently wear. Lay the belt on a clean, flat surface. Start the tape measure at the hole you use and measure to the end of the belt, where it meets the buckle. Belts are measured in inches and you should round to the nearest inch. Gone Rogue belts are sized to the center hole, so if you order a size 42, it will be 42" to the third or center hole.  IMPORTANT: Do not measure the belt from end to end. The measurement will not result in an accurate size.

Method 2. Choose a belt based on pant size by simply adding two inches to your trouser size. For example, if you wear a 34" waist trouser, then a size 36" belt should fit. This formula works best for pants worn at a traditional height close to the natural waistline. Consider adding 3 or 4 inches to your pant size for a belt to wear with low-rise trousers or jeans.


Gone Rogue belts with buckles that do not have prongs or tongues (for example, our large brass buckles) include the buckle in the measurement and are measured from the buckle post, the part that inserts into the belt hole, to the middle hole. As our belt buckles are interchangeable, please consider this when ordering if you plan to wear your belt with a dissimilar buckle.